Jennifer Catabas, LMFT, LPCC

LMFt 49551 & LPCC 1387

Child's 1st Role Model


As your child's first role model, he or she will look to you for guidance in how to cope with stress and handle interactions with others.




We invite you to work with our professionals to help your child become a strong, confident member of society.




As professionals AT Parent with Pride, We ARE UNITED IN ouR BELIEF THAT ALL CHILDREN:


  • Have the power to change and grow

  • Can improve communication & relationships with peers and adults

  • Can succeed with the right tools and coping skills

 We are firm believers in collaborating with our clients to identify the right plan to address the challenges that you and/or your family identifies. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable in our sessions and that our clients are always able to communicate their needs, as well as what parts of the process they find to be the most beneficial.

My name is Jennifer Catabas and I co-founded Parent with Pride with my colleague, Aja Bryant.  Our ultimate goal has always been to help children lead happy, healthy lives and to help parents work smarter and not harder when it comes to raising their children.  Aja has moved on to fulfill other aspirations, but the goals that have been the foundation for Parent with Pride will always remain the same.

 I received my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy at Pepperdine University's Irvine Graduate Campus in 2005.  I am a            Li​censed Marriage & Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with over 12 years of experience working with various populations, including adults in recovery from alcohol/drug addiction, women's issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, as well as childhood issues, including bullying, peer pressure, ADHD, and disruptive behavior.  I am also dedicated in helping individuals survive & thrive after sexual, emotional, or physical abuse. 

 As a certified Parent-Child Interaction Therapy provider with training from the University of California, Davis and ChildNet Youth and Family Services, I have the experience, passion, and background in helping parents and their children re-connect, improve each child's behavior, and give each parent and child an opportunity to gain a strong, long-lasting relationship.  I am available M-F from 11:00-7:00PM; time slots are subject to availability.  I look forward to meeting with you and working together to improve your peace of mind and well-being.